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Life Hack: How To Grow Younger [Birthday Gift]

Don't become abusive of this privilege and think you can be getting in and out of Ethiopia whenever you feel, that does damage to your DNA. Too much restructuring of the DNA and the cells will confuse your body, it wouldn't know if you are young or old anymore and you may end up dead.


To My Side Bae

I would try to offer an explanation for what I did but there are no excuses. My intentions, though good, don't matter here, only my poor choices.

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Series: How I Met My Future Wife (Another Keke Experience)

Know now that this is a true life story! It happened. Toh, I've told you. It was a normal evening, I had just come into town and as usual, I didn't stay in one place to rest, I went to yawo with my guy Ephraim. Ephraim was definitely having fun because I had disturbed him… Continue reading Series: How I Met My Future Wife (Another Keke Experience)

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Water In My Ears

Jessie J sent me this story via voice note and I am writing down her exact words. I decided to start sharing people's stories because some people read my stories here and think I am lying or even worse, joking. 🙄🙄🙄 I will have you know that these stories are real things that have happened… Continue reading Water In My Ears

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#ThrowBack Series: Why I Didn’t Go To UniMaid

During those hours of waiting, I made important strides in life. I was anti social but I came out a very social person. I told five people the story of my entire life and I listened to eight people's stories. I also slept and woke up three times and had six regular dreams and two nightmares.

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The Damascus Experience [Part II]

My cousin and I were screaming like little girls (actually she’s a little girl) holding hands. I quickly regained my senses and picked up a rod and went after the ugly thing. I swung at it and missed his bald head by inches, he turned and screeched at me baring his brown, battered jagged teeth. He had a forked up tongue (not cussing, I mean his tongue was split into like 3 like a fork).

Encounters With The Animal Kingdom, Feature Story

The Damascus Experience [Part I]

When she regained composure she told me what she saw. He was about a foot long and had the ugliest, scaly skin she had seen. He even had a tattoo of a lion across his back. My cousin said he was singing something about only the strong being able to continue. This beast was a Damian and Nas loving monster.

Encounters With The Animal Kingdom, Feature Story

The SpiderFrog or a FrogoHulk? [Part II]

Unwilling to give up, I was started to drag myself  backwards on the ground, crawling away from the frog who was now advancing towards me. My eyes couldn't believe what they were seeing.

Encounters With The Animal Kingdom, Feature Story

The SpiderFrog or a FrogoHulk?

I wasn't going to hang around to deliberate about all that. I threw the stool at the frog. He controlled the chair with his feet like I had seen in a Ronaldinho video. The sight was as scary as it was amazing. So my first instinct was to flee.

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I felt insulted because that was the first time a gun was pulled out on me and it wasn't from a soldier or an armed robber or even police, but a rat! Can you imagine? All my hood dream, My life flashing before my eyes because of a rat.


The Two Tires (Probably Part 1)

Oga removes the firewood he used to wedge the car while working and the car starts to roll backwards! 'Jesus' woman is at it again because her left leg is in the car but her right leg is outside. Oga now runs around the car and successfully lifts the hand break. 'Jesus' woman thanks Jesus

How I met my future wife Series

Series: How I Met My Future Wife (Yet Another Keke Experience)

In the midst of my thoughts, My God did His thing. I saw this girl walk to my keke. Sharp sharp, I adjusted so she could sit down right next to me. I thought to myself, "she had to have changed her mind because of me. Just lookat God!"